Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mother of the Year

In the spring of 1967, I was nominated by my ward Relief Society in Tarzana, California as Mother of the Year, and was chosen runner-up to Dale Evans in the state of California. This was such a complete surprise. I couldn’t sleep or think for several days. I was such an unknown person in that great state and our applications were judged by entire strangers to me. On May 3rd there was a reception for the mother and also the alternates, myself and Mrs. Collier, a Negro lady form Los Angeles. There I stood beside Dale Evans in the reception line, and she remarked that I had a legion of relatives and friends. It was decided that I should be to New York to the mothers conference and festivities of the judging of the American Mother of the Year from the fifty states. It was a very wonderful experience. Mary Jane Kloepfer, my daughter and Edna, Dale’s wife accompanied me. We had a glorious time, with a room in the great Astoria Hotel where all the state mothers were housed. The programs each day were elaborate and lovely, and we met many outstanding women of our nation.

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