Saturday, June 12, 2010

Grandma's Testimony

In July, 1966, I had a desire to go to New York for the Hill Cumorah pageant. So I contacted Dorothy, my youngest daughter in Boise, and she went with me. We had a very enjoyable vacation, visiting Washington D. C. and New York City with many other of the eastern larger cities. We enjoyed the pageant so very much and our love for and testimonies of the gospel were strengthened at that time.

In November 1967, Dale was kind enough to let Edna to with me to the South Pacific islands, Australia and New Zealand, where we enjoyed a day in the beautiful temple there. So I have visited every temple in our church and am waiting for the completion of the Provo and Ogden temples and hope I can attend them. I may even be well and strong enough to go to Washington when that temple is completed.

Throughout the years of my life in the church I have lived and participated in six different wards. Each one had given me strength in leadership and parent-hood, to help guide my family, and a desire to help in any service there I have been needed. After I was released from the executive work in the 4th ward, I was given the Theology lessons, and for seven years I was privileged to teach in the ward. This gave me great joy, as I had known that I needed to study the gospel more diligently, but always felt I hadn’t time. As I prepared and delivered those lessons on the life of Christ by Talmage, my testimony was strengthened and the time it required for preparation was a real blessing to me. I know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, being instrumental in restoring this gospel after it had been taken from the earth centuries before. I know without a doubt that he was given the plates from which he translated the Book of Mormon, by a resurrected person, Moroni, whom we know as the last survivor of the Nephite people on the continent. I am sure that the priesthood was restored to this earth, being given first to Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdry by John the Baptist, and Peter, James and John. I know that there is eternal life for us if we measure up in our earthly existence.

My dear children I leave you this testimony, and I pray that by reading this you may too have a greater desire to study the gospel in its fullness.

(hand written) As of this printing, September 1973, we have had sixty-nine great-grandchildren; sixty-two living and seven deceased.

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