Thursday, June 3, 2010

Diane remembers Jeanne Johnson who married Larry Ogden

Carol Jeanne Johnson Ogden East was one of my best friends in High School. She started dating Larry Ogden, my uncle, when we were Juniors. Larry was in the military at that time and before Jeanne was a Senior he convinced her to get married; at age 16 or 17! Larry and Jeanne were married 7 March 1952 in Richfield, Utah. She then joined him where he was stationed.
After Larry was discharged from the service they moved to San Fernando Valley in California. They had a lovely home that Jeanne decorated; a talent she continued throughout her life. Jeanne, as I remember was quite an accomplished artist, painting pictures as well as furniture, etc. They raised their two children, Kim and Cynthia while living in San Fernando.
After Larry and Jeanne's divorce Jeanne married David East, a happy, wonderful man whom I think was in the tire business. David was so good to Jeanne and provided her with a great life. At some point they moved to St. George, Utah where Jeanne was active teaching flower arranging and also selling her arrangements. Jeanne and Edna Ogden enjoyed painting together in St. George.
At the present time Jeanne and David are not well enough to answer our calls. We all wish them well.

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